Jewish Court Jewellers - Lecture

Jewish Court Jewellers - Lecture

From April 17 to September 30, the Jewish Historical Museum in the heart of old Jewish neighbourhood in Amsterdam hosts the exhibition Joden en het Huis van Oranje, dedicated to the relations between Jews and the Dutch Royal House over the past 400 years. 

For most of that time, Amsterdam played a prominent role in the international diamond trade. Due to the treatment of Jews - very liberal but economically similar to elsewhere in Europe: exclusion from most trades - the diamond and jewellery industry became an almost exclusive Jewish venture.

On Sunday September 16 I will give a lecture - in Dutch - on the relations between several prominent Jewish members of the diamond and jewellery trade, such as M.C. de Vries - engraver of King William III's portrait in diamond (see above) and Martin Coster - founder of Royal Coster Diamonds, Consul General of the Netherlands in Paris and driving force and financier of the Dutch pavilions at the World Exhibitions of 1867 and 1878 in Paris.

I will also reveal which brooch belonging to the Crown Jewels of Great Britain - still worn today by Queen Elizabeth - was provided by the Dutch court jeweller Josephus Jitta. 
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Agenda Date on 16/09/2018