2 jewellery scoops

2 jewellery scoops

The first 2014 edition of Royalty is available in stores in the Netherlands now. The magazine contains my article in which I present the research George Hamel has done into the sapphire tiara Queen Máxima wore during the inauguration on April 30, 2013. Hamel's research almost completely revises everything we previously 'knew' about these jewels. In my column, I present my own research into a brooch of Princess Beatrix, which she wore during the baptism of King Willem-Alexander in 1967.

The brooch consists of a Greek cross formed by rectangular pink topazes with a diamond in the middle. Between the 4 arms of the cross 3 small diamonds form trefoil ornaments. In my column I am the first to write on this elegant jewel: I analyze the symbolism and I give a educated estimate of the date and ownership of the brooch.

Sapphire tiara: complete revision

Regarding the sapphire jewels: George Hamel, a well known gemmologist, has re-examined the already known documentation of the tiara and the 2 accompanying bracelets and was able to access new sources. His research gives an almost complete revision of the history of these jewels. For example: the central sapphire is not an heirloom of Queen Anna, Grand Duchess of Russia, in 1928 the tiara was not reset in a platinum frame and the sapphires are not from Kashmir, but Sri Lanka. A lucky find reveals the name of the (very probable) maker: the Amsterdam based diamond setter Maison van der Stichel.

Royalty 1/2014 is available in stores in the Netherlands. Articles in English on these finds will be published later on this website.





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