The Stadtholder Pearl

The Stadtholder Pearl

Another important historic pearl from the House of Orange will be auctioned at Sotheby's Geneva on May 13: the Stadtholder Pearl. This large baroque-shaped natural pearl (approx. 27.40 x 20.45 x 14.40mm) is suspended from a surmount set with variously cut rubies and diamonds, decorated with black enamel, from a multi-strand seed pearl sautoir (approximately 820mm). According to the Anhalt-family tradition the pearl is named after Prince Frederick Henry of Orange, Stadtholder of the Dutch Republic, it was inherited by his daughter Henriette Catherine, who wore it on the day of her wedding with Prince George II of Anhalt-Dessau in 1659.

Sotheby's: 'The small cross on the surmount refers to the late Prince Frederick, who died in 1647. The 'Staatholder Pearl' (sic) continued to be worn by the subsequent brides in the family including the present owner's mother, Duchess Edda Charlotte, at her wedding in 1929, and the present owner's wife, Princess Corinna, at her wedding in 1960. According to family tradition, the 'Staatholder Pearl' guarantees a long and happy marriage.'

Prince Eduard of Anhalt is also selling an important pearl necklace that can be traced back to Prince Frederick Henry.

Estimate: 32,895 - 49,342 euro.

Link to the lot on Sotheby's website: click here.

Posted on 22/04/2014 by Erik

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