Royal Jewels
Oscar Massin's Fife Tiara, credit: Sotheby's.

Royal Jewels

Erik publishes regularly on royal jewels, in international and Dutch magazines and on his website.

From 2007 to 2017, he was jewellery editor of Royalty, in which he for several years had a column on royal jewels. In Royalty much of his own research, often with new information, was published. In January 2018 his research on Oscar Massin's jewels in the Dutch Royal Collection was published in Jewellery History Today, the magazine of the Society of Jewellery Historians.  

In 2011 Koninklijke Juwelen, a special 116-page glossy edition of Royalty Magazine, was published. It covers the jewellery collection of the Dutch royal family extensively and gives a rather complete overview of the jewellery collections of the other European monarchies, except for Monaco and Liechtenstein. The special Koninklijke Juwelen received many positive reviews and drew attention of royal jewellery lovers from all over the world.



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