Oscar Massin

Oscar Massin's portrait, and his tomb

Oscar Massin's portrait, and his tomb

Main image: close up of Oscar Massin's portrait, from the National Archives in Paris. 

As part of my extensive research into Oscar Massin and his jewellery, presented in Jewellery History Today, the magazine of the Society of Jewellery Historians, which you can read by clicking here, I stumbled upon Oscar Massin's portrait, taken on 9 March 1867. As far as I know, it is the only portrait of Massin that exists, previously we had no idea what he looked like.

The National Archives of France contain photo albums of exhibitors and subscribers to the Exposition Universelle. There I found his portrait. The address under his photo is correct: Rue des Moulins, as is the Class mentioned. The portrait was taken in the year in which Massin exhibited under his own name for the first time, while also having produced most of the jewels that were presented by the other Parisian jewellers exhibiting at the Expo.

After very quick action by Richard Jean-Jacques, prompt service by Montmartre Cemetery and a visit next day by Mr. Jean-Jacques' niece, we were able to locate and photograph Oscar Massin's tomb. Sadly it is in a neglected state, and it should be cleaned and lifted back into its normal position. See for yourself below.

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