Ever since 2002 Erik has worked as allround professional in corporate communication, public relations and public affairs. 

He received additional training in marketing and strategic communication at the University of Amsterdam. In 2009 Erik established his own business, providing services in strategy, corporate communication, public relations, public affairs, social media management, copy writing and editing. 

Variety of areas
He worked in a wide variety of areas, ranging from infrastructure, transport and logistics, IT, service innovation, engineering, the yachting industry, telemarketing services and international business development to development aid, publishing, government, politics, social empowerment and public libraries. 

A non-exhaustive lists of companies and organisations Erik worked for: Jachtwerf Jongert, TOPIQ, ACB Kenniscentrum, Belastingdienst/Kenniscentrum Douane, Jachtwerf Jongert, Gemeente Amsterdam/Stadsdeel Oost-Watergraafsmeer, Pearson Education, De Nieuwe Garde, SecuReceipt, Apeldoorns Voortgezet Openbaar Onderwijs, Exser Centre for Service Innovation, SNV, Employers Organisation Contact Centers WGCC, Podium, European Gateways Platform, E.&J. Gallo Winery, Business Partners for Uruzgan, Starttalent,, European Holocaust Research Infrastructure, Rotterdam World Gateways, Doelen Coach Service, Stichting Hartekind, NEDECO, Stichting Consumentenlijn Telemarketing, Green IT Regio Amsterdam.

Over the past decades, Erik featured in several roles on television and radio, and in newspapers and (online) magazines, such as:
- television: RTL Boulevard, Blauw Bloed, NOS Journaal, AT5
- radio: NPO Radio 1, 2 and 3, BNR
- newspapers: Telegraaf, NRC, NRC Next, Volkskrant, AD, BN De Stem, Parool, Trouw, Metro
- (online) magazines: Elsevier, HP De Tijd, Royalty, Bunte, OKdiario