Louis Couperus at his writing desk, 1923.


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On royal jewels in magazines (2009-2018)
As Editor of Royalty Magazine I published on a very wide range of subjects, not exclusively but mostly relating to jewels in the Royal Collections of Europe and beyond. Given the historical character of these collections, I was able to do a lot of relevant research and present my own findings, for example in the Van Kempen, Begeer & Vos archives at RKD in the Hague and about Fabergé in the Dutch Royal Collection. In 2011 I wrote a glossy magazine giving a quite complete overview of the several royal collections in Europe. For a few years I had my own 2-page jewellery column. 
Examples of subjects covered in my publications: the collections of the European Houses, many articles on the Dutch Royal Collection, Queen Anna Pavlovna of the Netherlands' jewellery, Steltman Juwelier, Grand Duchess Vladimir of Russia as patron of jewellers, the Begum Inaara Khan collection, the jewellery auctions of Sotheby’s and Christie’s, Sapphires and Spitfires (about sapphires donated by Queen Wilhelmina for the Spitfire-fund in World War II), Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Mellerio dits Meller, the sapphire jewellery of the Dutch royal house, insect jewellery, snake jewellery, flowers jewellery, jewellery with letters, etc.

Interviews with prominent Dutch authors (2003-2008)
In Arabesken, journal of the Louis Couperus Genootschap: 
- Willem Melchior: Het belang van onvolmaaktheid 
Bas Heijne: Couperus, visionair premodernist 
Adriaan van Dis: Tegen de smaak van de tijd, opinies en columnistengeklets
- Hella Haasse: 
Schrijven is mijn manier van aanwezig zijn 
Arthur Japin: Fantasie als toevluchtsoord 
Antoine Bodar: Beschaving en het spel van de conversatie 
Aristide von Bienefeldt: De verschrikkingen van het alledaags 
Anna Enquist: Floreren bij de grote vorm 
Helga Ruebsamen: De stem van het boek 
Liesje Schreuders: 'Neernijgen, opnijgen en weer neerzijgen'.